One thing I find to make the days easier is to have a plan. It’s the fundamental part of my job as a teacher to plan. Structure is something that I think most people thrive on. I know when I don’t plan out the day (at least a rough idea) things always seem to be a bit more chaotic. Landon is also a child that really needs structure and without out it he tends to get into mischief.

I plan out the activities we do usually over the weekend for the following week, but sometimes I take a day at a time. The days I plan ahead always run more smoothly. So a way to help keep me accountable in planning the week is to share them with you. When the week is over (and I’ve posted the blogs of all we’ve done) I’ll post that weeks plan so you can use it as well. I’ll try to have all the links to posts of what we did and a supply list so you can plan ahead. It’s a win-win. I plan, you get the plan! Yay! As always it’s just the plan, and plans change. If the week is super busy with other things (doctor’s appointments and what not) I may not do as much. We’ll see how it goes!

I’ll start with the first one this Saturday (September 1st) . Make sure you sign up for email updates and like my Facebook page so you don’t miss it.

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